30 Day Clean Eating Program

If you are feeling bloated and tired, chances are your eating habits need a tune up.  With the 30 Day Clean Eating Program you can make the nutrition changes you need to increase energy, feel better and shed some pounds without calorie counting, obsessing over portions or feeling overwhelmed.  This program has everything you need to successfully make healthy changes to your nutrition. nutrition consultant in Erie  
What is clean eating?
Clean eating is centered around eating whole foods in their most natural state.  Clean foods are foods that come from nature, not a box.  Chances are if it's in a box, it doesn't meet the "clean eating" test.  It's really important to understand that clean eating is NOT a diet, but rather a way of life.  Once you've eliminated processed foods for a significant amount of time it's hard to go back.
What can you eat on the 30 Day Clean Eating Program?
The most exciting thing about eating clean is that you can eat without counting calories or obsessing over portion sizes.  If you are eating real, natural, whole foods, you can eat as much as your body needs.  This is not a calorie-restricting way of eating. For so long we've been told that it's all about quantity, but quality is more important.  If you are eating quality, clean foods you don't have to worry about quantity which takes away the overwhelm.
What foods should you avoid?
This can be a debatable topic, because some clean eating programs are more restrictive then others.  I believe that giving you a program that is easy to implement without making you feel overwhelmed is a good place to start.  The 30 Day Clean Eating program is intended to set you on a successful path to changing your nutrition habits in the most doable and sustainable way. During the 30 Day Clean Eating Program you will be avoiding processed foods, refined grains, added sugar and hydrogenated oils.  
What do you get with the 30 Day Clean Eating Program?
  • Weekly lessons delivered right to your inbox, helping you learn how to implement clean eating into your lifestyle.  You will learn about the fundamentals of clean eating, hydration, label reading and how to deal with food cravings.
  • Weekly meal plans and recipes.  You don't have to try to figure out what to eat.  I've done it all for you.
  • Support from me! I'm not going to give you this program and leave you to figure it out alone. I will support you along the way.
  • Access to the 30 Day Clean Eating Program Facebook page where you can get support from me, others in the program and the opportunity for you to support others too.  I believe that having a support system is one of the most powerful indicators of success, and that is what the FB page is all about. 
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